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Synapse Center for Health and Healing

Synapse Functional Medicine Programs are customized diagnostic and treatment plans for individuals looking for a functional medicine approach to their health concerns. Get started with a free Discovery Call to see if you’re a good fit for our clinic.

Grid Down Chow Down Freeze Dried American Beef

Grid Down Chow Down Freeze Dried American Beef

Each order is made fresh to maximize the life of the product.

☑️ 10-15 year shelf life.
☑️ Grass-fed, grass-finished.
☑️ No vaccines.
☑️ Freeze-drying process retains all nutrients.
☑️ 4oz freeze-dried package = 1 lb raw hydrated meat.
☑️ Packaged in an air-tight, vacuum-sealed package, with an oxygen & moisture absorbing packet.
☑️ The blood and fat will show up just like fresh ground beef bought from the store.

General Flynn

Books and Merch

The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare – 2 Book Bundle is written by Lt General (Ret ) Michael Flynn and Boone Cutler. Mary Grace highly recommends the book series for personal education and group study to gain an understanding of information warfare and learn practical steps to recognize and resist propaganda and manipulation.

Hydrogen Water

Experience all the benefits of molecular hydrogen

Hydrogen Water is making a splash and changing the way we drink water. Save $50 off your first order. Shop here with promo code MARYGRACE

The Mary Grace Wellness Store is OPEN

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