The voice of sanity to help you navigate politics, culture, faith, and world events.


Mary Grace is a gifted teacher and motivator who inspires her audience to take action and rise to God’s calling and destiny on their lives. She explains complex issues simply and brings a calming voice to the chaos.

Mary Grace is the owner and founder of the Mary Grace Media Network and the host of GraceTime TV. An independent journalist and commentator, a dynamic public speaker, accomplished vocalist , songwriter, and entrepreneur, Mary Grace’s broad experiences here and around the globe influence her perspective on politics, culture, faith, and world events. Mary Grace has the unique ability to bridge multiple spheres of expertise and influence to cover a wide range of interview topics with thoughtful analysis and engagement. An educator at heart, her approachable style makes even the most complex issues and ideas accessible to her devoted audience. She informs and inspires people to take action and rise to God's calling and destiny on their lives.

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What we talk about

Politics and Current Events

Understanding the story behind the headlines is key to navigating the information war we are engaged in 24/7 around the globe. Critical thinking and an emphasis on facts over emotion form the basis of Mary Grace's approach to analyzing and explaining news and current events.

Culture, Education and Family

The late Andrew Breitbart wisely said that politics is downstream from culture. Our culture is directly influenced by how we raise our families and teach our children. Mary Grace features guests and topics that teach and empower others to have an impact in this vital area of incluence.

Faith and Freedom

Our founders wisely understood that freedom to exercise our faith as we choose is vital to the existence of a truly free society. Mary Grace believes that every Christian has a duty to be actively engaged in protecting our freedoms through involvement and engagement in the systems that govern our freedoms.

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