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Mary Grace came up with the idea for GraceTime TV in 2022. She wanted to offer commentary and analysis that pointed listeners toward the redemptive power of God's grace even in the midst of the constant negativity and bad news flowing through the airwaves 24/7. When faced with bad news, we always have a choice in how we respond. We always have a choice to focus on what we can control. This is the message Mary Grace hopes to convey on GraceTime TV.

The host

Hi there! I’m Mary Grace, owner and founder of the Mary Grace Media Network and the host of GraceTime TV.

Mary Grace is the owner and founder of the Mary Grace Media Network and the host of GraceTime TV.
An independent journalist and commentator, a dynamic public speaker, accomplished vocalist, songwriter, and entrepreneur, Mary Grace’s broad experiences here and around the globe influence her perspective on politics, culture, faith, and world events.
Mary Grace has the unique ability to bridge multiple spheres of expertise and influence to cover a wide range of interview topics with thoughtful analysis and engagement. An educator at heart, her approachable style makes even the most complex issues and ideas accessible to her devoted audience. She informs and inspires people to take action, empowered by evidence-based facts.
“I have a passion for exposing the truth while also providing hope and motivation,” Mary Grace explains. “I never want to leave people feeling hopeless or discouraged. I apply practical wisdom that makes content accessible to my audience and leaves them feeling empowered.”
Her intuitive nature, humor and wit draw out the best in her interview subjects, even when they’re tackling tough topics. “People say to me, ‘I feel peace about this, even though everything is hard’”.
She posts live and pre-recorded content several times each week and has conducted impactful interviews with prominent figures and experts including Kash Patel, Jack Maxey, Sam Faddis, Michael Yon, Catherine Engelbrecht, Clay Clark and Liz Yore. Her 2022 interviews with Maxey concerning the Hunter Biden laptop swiftly went viral, capturing the attention of millions of viewers.
Whether in studio or on location providing boots-on-the-ground reporting at political and cultural events, Mary Grace is dedicated to championing our country’s fight for independence and getting to the truth behind the headlines.
Mary Grace earned her Masters Degree of Education in Early Childhood and Reading Specialization at James Madison University and a Bachelor of Arts in English at University of Virginia. She spent 12 years in education as a reading specialist and classroom teacher in grades k-12 at schools in the United States and internationally. She has lived, worked and traveled in more than 20 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and North and Central America. This experience allows her to open worlds many only dream of seeing.
As an 11th generation Virginian with a proud heritage of defending America’s freedoms, Mary Grace's family members have served in every war from the American Revolution through World War II.

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